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Our top priority is showcasing the best in a client’s brand via web solutions that boost sales in their ideal market.
Combining a customer-inspired approach with top-notch problem-solving, we are known among our clients for being creatives, tech-savvy and dedicated. 

Digital Finest works with lawyers, dentists, startups, incubators, jewelers, engineering, and education clients, across 15 different countries, which allowed us to develop valuable insights into their industries and behaviors online around the world.

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Small but mighty

Gabe Marusca Digital Finest
Gabriel Marusca
Founder & Web Consultant

Gabe helps businesses succeed online by creating bespoke web solutions. As the founder of Digital Finest, he has completed hundreds of projects over the last decade. 

Originally from Romania, Gabe’s passion for travel has seen him work across the world developing valuable insights into different cultures. When not working on an exciting project, you might find him hiking through tropical forests or swimming in the ocean.

Raluca Enea
Managing Partner & Art Director

Ralu partnered with Gabe at Digital Finest to bring her creative vision and years of art direction expertise. Ralu translates desired moods, messages, concepts, and underdeveloped ideas into imagery. She’s ultimately responsible that Digital Finest client’s message is conveyed to their desired audience.

Ralu passion for photography, drawing, and nature further develop her imagination and vision.

Kenneth Brian Garcia
Support Manager

Ken makes sure you have a successful and healthy online presence. He maintains and manages Digital Finest’s clients’ websites regularly, from constant updates, to reduce the possibility of a security breach, to Q&As, he ensures your website runs quickly and without any errors. He’s also responsible for any content and layout updates that ensure Digital Finest’s clients’ websites are always updated. 

His passion for web technical aspects allows Ken to stay on top of his game and provide the proper solution each time.


Digital Finest vs. a Large Agency

Chain of Command
You can ask us questions and respond to feedback without going through an intermediary.
In some large agencies, creatives don’t have direct access to the client. You transmit what’s needed through higher-ups.
Need an update fast or facing an emergency? We are just an email or call away! No bureaucracy or other approvals!
In a big agency, it takes time and energy for the situation to be fully communicated to the actual creatives working on the project.
Personal touch
People do business with people. Period. We are committed to keeping each client happy by going that extra mile.
Large agencies may be perfectly pleasant to work with, there may be times when they feel a little faceless and impersonal.
At Digital Finest we are able to take on ‘small’ jobs or ‘immediate’ projects that can be fit into the diary around others.
Bigger agencies will say, sorry we only work on projects over $20,000, $30,000 etc. Sometimes, they don't even get back to you!
We still have overhead and wages to pay, but we’re certainly much more affordable than a big agency.
A big agency often means more people, large premises, and bigger overhead that result in a larger price tag.


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