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Seven steps to your website success


You book an initial discovery call, so we can deeply understand your website plans and define the shared goals. This is a paid call that will be deducted from the total quote if we end up working together.


In our easy-to-follow onboarding process, you'll be introduced to our project management system, methods, and feedback system. It's essential to stay informed along the way to make educated decisions.


Get your website strategy off to a flying start with our expert kick-off call. We'll assist you in creating a customer profile, laying out a sitemap and information architecture, as well as wireframing your site's layout.​


In this stage, we'll assist you in inventorying your current content, generating new material, obtaining high-quality images, and creating bespoke videos to give your website that extra boost.


Our team of web designers will work with you to create a custom-designed website that not only looks great but also drives conversions. We specialize in creating beautiful pages that are responsive and easy to navigate.


Once the final designs are approved, we'll proceed with developing them in all their glory. At this point, we'll also add all of the necessary integrations and on-page SEO optimizations.


We do the final testing before launching in the completion stage. Then, after the launch, we provide comprehensive video training for you or your team to help you take complete control of your new website. Champagne!


Why choose us?

Get an efficient website that will increase your revenue.


We got answers!

Because every business's demands are unique, there is no one-size-fits-all solution or response to this topic. Still, we understand how difficult it is to budget, so we wanted to make it simpler for you.

Depending on your budget and needs, we provide two options.

For the bespoke Web Design & Development starting at $10,000 for organizations looking for a comprehensive solution, including strategy, content, and design, as well as execution.

If you're on a tight budget, we provide flexible pricing starting at $1,997, $2,497, or $3,997; this is great for people who need a conversion-focused website fast - check the packages here.


While the typical completion time for the bespoke website solution is 4 to 8 weeks; however, this varies based on the project since the size and speed of each project are determined by the customer. The features and number of revisions required will also play a role in your timeline. We'll provide an estimated timeline in our proposal.

Our most popular web design service, One Week Website, based on a starting template, is ready in 1 week from the moment you send us your complete content.

After 12 years of using WordPress, we switched to Webflow for over a year now. All the new websites, especially those under One Week Website packages, will be built using Webflow. We will still take on WordPress projects if absolutely necessary.

Yes! It's exciting to watch our clients take control of their websites and learn how to handle the content independently. One of the most significant advantages of utilizing Webflow is how simple it is to make modifications without prior knowledge. You will own and have total access to your new website, allowing you to add new material, such as articles or other CMS items, as well as make text, image, and video modifications without writing code. However, we recommend that you write us or engage another professional to do more sophisticated alterations, design or structural changes, and complex third-party implementations. Following the completion of your website, we will provide up to 1 hour of video walkthroughs to teach you how to make fundamental changes to the website.

The good news is that if you use Webflow, you don't need to maintain your website, aka, making updates to plugins, platform, or security updates. If you opt for the WordPress solution (only available as a bespoke solution, we can help maintain your website, or you can do so yourself with the more minor changes. The choice is 100% up to you. It's possible to get started with our service immediately after we launch your website. We provide continuing assistance for many of our clients that are still using WordPress. You may see the cost of our maintenance plans here.

We are only an email away! We're here to assist you as much or as little as you want, and we'll be available even after your new website goes live. Our team is committed to creating a long-term business relationship with our customers and is excited about the prospect of working on your future endeavors or expanding your website. We’ve been doing this since 2009, so we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you're not on either of our maintenance plans, please feel free to email us at support@digitalfinest.com with your concerns or requests, and we'll get back to you with a quote for the needed work in 48 hours.

No, you will be responsible for website hosting and domain. This will ensure that you own and have complete control and access to your website and domain name.

For Webflow websites, the websites are recommended to be hosted directly with them, since they provide all the updates and security needs, as part of the service.

If you use WordPress, we can help to choose the right hosting packages (like CloudWays for Cloud Hosting or SiteGround for Shared Hosting), and we will complete the migration to your new hosting, which will be included in your web design quote.

When it comes to the One Week Website packages, we recommend that you provide all of the text content for your website. You are the expert on your business, so it’s always best if it comes from you. We always provide assistance and direction to ensure that the material you or your copywriter submit is up to par with industry best practices, which are tailored to your website's objectives.

For the bespoke solution, we can create the content for you, depending on how you prefer.

During your onboarding process, you will be welcomed to our simple content management system, where you may upload all of your website material, keep track of what you've previously submitted, and go on.

We require half of the total amount before work begins and then the rest after the website is finished. We accept bank wire transfers, direct deposits in our Wise account, and card payments using major CC issuers.

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